Experience the Depths of Yourself™

Ke Ala Hoku

The Pathway to the stars

Originally, this massage was done for a minimum of 10 hours,

up to 15 days, 24 hours-a-day, while one to five 

Kahuna would work on your system. 

*A journey into the Depths of Yourself™. An open-ended experience of minimum of 3 hours up to 6 hours. Lomi Lomi literally means “to massage” in Hawaiian. Ke Ala Hoku - The Pathway to the Stars - is a transformational healing experience on a mental, emotional, physical, cellular, and ancestral level. It is an opportunity to reunite with the Cellular Consciousness that is in every single cell in your body, this earth, and our universe. It's also known as Ancient Lomi Lomi.


This bodywork can be beneficial for those experiencing transitions or seeking clarity on a mental, emotional, or physical level related to work, relationships, or death, among many others. It can, possibly, create new neural pathways, perceptions, memories, thoughts and emotions, and unraveling of old patterns. 

Click HERE for specific dietary preparations needed 24-72 hours prior to the session. You will be picked up and dropped of by Gabriel, or a car service, within a 20 mile radius. Each additional 5 miles is $10. (Google Maps will be used to confirm the distance.) 


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Ancient Lomi Lomi

*A fixed-time session of the Ke Ala Hoku Experience for those that have limited time. Minimum of two hours with 30 minute increments. A rite-to-passage only saved for the rare few as you step across the line into the Unknowns of Yourself and reunite to your Cellular Consciousness, which knows exactly what you need at every moment in time. Click here for more information on this very rare form of massage. 

Click here for specific dietary preparations needed 24-48 hours prior to the session. Click here for more information on this very rare form of massage. 


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KAONA Holistic Massage

*A full-body, Holistic Lomi Lomi massage that I developed from my Ke Ala Hoku trainings for those that have specific aches & pains or need special attention to certain areas of the body due to stress, exercise, or injury. Universal pressure (light to deep) is applied and flows between those levels depending on each moment in time. This massage is also beneficial for general relaxation.


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Lomi Lomi Facial

*Not your typical facial, a sequence of delicate movements and points are applied on the face. No extractions, scrubbing, or cleansing of any kind. The sequences can have a feeling of infinity, or endlessness. I use a high-quality oil and Sol Flower - a powerful serum from Maui to help treat UV sun damage, sun spots, soften wrinkles, & much more. Your hair may get a little bit oily.  Can be added on to a KAONA Holistic Massage as well.




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...The massages he gives are completely different than any I have ever experienced. 


...Although I’ve received many massages over the decades, I’ve never had anything like this.

...If you are struggling to justify a session financially, I suggest that you consider the return on investment of removing just one limiting belief. During my session, while being completely relaxed, I re framed a change in my career that could have taken months. The session helped me to see the blessing and perfection in the change which has allowed me to move forward.

...A total sense of "oneness". 


...I had never reached such a state of oneness and completeness, entering a very uplifted space of potential. My body, mind and soul felt cleansed somehow and that feeling lasted for days. The whole experience was enchanting and empowering.


...The impact was penetrating, cathartic and liberating.

...Gabriel made me feel completely safe. I felt cared for, nurtured and honored by his touch.


...It often felt like I was getting a massage from more than one person at times. The best part was that I felt comfortable, safe and like my body was being honored and treated like something sacred.

...Gabriel’s hands delivered something that I could only liken to that of a song. A song that had me journeying through my life history which occurred through memory sensation on a cellular level. 

...I found myself not identified with my mind or my body, and felt into the true potentiality of life. I feel I transformed on a cellular level and came away feeling so relaxed, completely grounded and very alive and free. The session helped me to open and align with my next big steps in life of expanding my impact in the world.

...I was touched on multiple levels, including an Ancestral one…

...I consider The Ke Ala Hōkū technique (The Pathway to the stars) to be an intimate form of voyaging, akin to sailing under the stars above the Pacific Ocean... Yet a voyage upon the surface of your skin and amidst your inner oceans & galaxies to feel the full spectrum of nature's conditions. 

...There were times when it felt like a Tyrolean Traverse, where you are only present with the point of contact made upon your body, as you both glide from head to toe under the guidance of his hands...

...The rhythms of his techniques are kind of like meditation in motion, and more profound than just on a physical level. It is really the closest thing to nirvana that I have found thus far.

...As a result of the massages, [given over a 2-year period] my high blood pressure had dropped significantly to the extent that I could reduce and ultimately discontinue some of my medications; my cardiac problems that had been difficult to treat, improved significantly, my arthritic knees that have been torturing me remained pain free for days after a massage. I found most interesting the improvement in my sense of wellbeing and the melting away of some of the pesky and unwelcome manifestations of old age.


...Would I choose to have another Ke Ala Hoku session with Gabriel? Absolutely, Yes. Have I felt comfortable recommending a session to my dearest friends? Yes, I already have and they too have had an amazing session.

Are you ready to step across this line?